So you’ve just purchased a beautiful piece of meat, but, you have no idea how to cook it! Fortunately for you, the Lenovers Recipe Gallery can be your guide to the wonderful flavours meat has to offer. And remember, using meat from a high quality, family owned, local butcher shop, will yield the greatest results.

Beef Roasts

BEEF ROASTS: An excellent choice for family dinners. Roast Beef pairs well with hardy vegetables, like potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery.

Grilling Steaks

GRILLING BEEF STEAKS: For those who love a beefy flavour, grilling steaks are hard to beat. Steaks tend to serve well with a baked potato and a side of green vegetables like asparagus, broccoli or green beans.

Marinating Beef

MARINATING BEEF CUTS: Ideal for those who want to stretch their budget without sacrificing flavour. These cuts can benefit from longer cooking times and marinades made up of oils, herbs, and spices.

Ground Beef

GROUND BEEF: Very versatile and an excellent choice for when you need something quick.


PORK CHOPS: Best suited for grilling or frying techniques, but also excellent roasted or smoked.

Pork Roasts

PORK ROASTS: Excellent slow cooked or roasted, pork roasts offer a cheaper, but just as flavourful, alternative to beef.